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Be A Kid CD

Buy Directly from Mr. Chris
$15.00 Includes S&H

Also Available at:

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Chris Campbell is a singer, songwriter, musician, and ventriloquist. 2012 marked Chris’s first year performing shows for kids, promoting the “All Together Now CD,” his introductory song collection for children. Chris writes and records music that stems from his day-to-day experiences as a young father. His songs and shows are designed with the entire family in mind, creating a unique experience that both parent and child will long to repeat. As an avid ventriloquist, Chris also introduces comical characters and illusion-based props into his show, contributing to the variety format. “Fun,” “entertaining,” “educational,” and “family-focused” are all words commonly used to describe Chris’s music and program. The songs from his sophomore project “Be A Kid” are no exception. Originally from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Chris resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Tonya, daughter Riley, son Deacon, and “peke-a-poo” dog Casey.

Song List (click title below to listen)

1. 50 States (Where Are You From?) (3:12)
2. US Presidents (3:38)
3. Activities (3:34)
4. Superhero (2:47)
5. Happy Birthday (Pepperoni Pizza) (3:04)
6. Friends In The Neighborhood (3:10)
7. Get Up, Get Out (3:41)
8. Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors (3:09)
9. Father’s Day (You’re The Man!) (2:47)
10. Be A Kid (3:01)


My wife and I attended a parenting class taught by our pastor when our first child was a baby. He told us that beyond our own personal energy, skill and influence, the most significant contribution we could make to the world would be the gift of our children. Accordingly, he encouraged us to make them our #1 ministry in life. I was raised in a close family by a loving Mom and Dad who are still together today. My parents poured themselves into their children. They made us their #1 ministry and didn’t require a parenting class. I hope my music brings joy to your family, and it is fine to compliment me or the creative team for this work, but know that it would have never happened without the role of good parenting in my life. This CD is dedicated to my parents, Harold (Pete) and Ada Campbell of Staunton, VA.


Chris Campbell – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, keyboard instruments and effects, percussion complements, vocal beat box
Robby Meadows – bass guitar
David Coffey – acoustic string complements - banjo, guitar, mandolin, and dobro
Rick Murray – drums and percussion complements
Riley and Deacon Campbell – kids’ vocals


Co-produced by Robby Meadows and Chris Campbell
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Robby Meadows at Alive Studios • Harrisonburg, VA
Graphic Design by Bob Schamerhorn of Infinity Graphics - Richmond, VA - www.infinity-graphics.com
Back cover photo by Vincent and Lisa Lerz of Photography by Vince, Fishersville, VA • www.photographybyvince.com
All songs written and arranged by Chris Campbell, an affiliate songwriter
with performing rights organization Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
Copyrighted and Published 2015 by Chris Campbell Music. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited. CCM-003




© Chris Campbell. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.
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